Zapala MainGrace (ex. Zapala & ex. SISPUD II)
SISPUD II was built in 1913 by the New York Yacht, Launch & Engine Company of ~lorrisHeights, New York for Mr. Joseph B. Cousins Esq. of the Manhasset Bay Yacht Club. She was constructed of longleaf yellow pine planking on steam bent white oak frames and is 60 feet overall in length. SISPUD II was originally powered with a four cylinder, 50 horse power 20th Century gasoline marine engine. She is unquestionably one of the last remaining examples of the early gasoline powered yachts built prior to World War I.
Over the years, SISPUD II was operated by several colorful owners.

One in particular as Mr. James Adams, owner of the James Adams Floating Theater. Mr. Adams' theater was towed around to the coastal towns of the South and brought entertainment and culture to these isolated areas until it finally sank in Thunderbolt, Georgia in 1941. SISPUD II followed the Theater to all of its destinations. It was from her experiences of living aboard and lraveling with Mr. Adams and his Theater that Edna Ferber created her novel titled Show Boat, later to become a smash Broadway play.

SISPUD II was maintained in Bristol fashion until the late 1970s. Then in the 1980s, she was left abandoned out of the water in a backwoods boat yard, to begin a slow death. In 1990, she was acquired by Earl McMillen and DlOved to a building in Fairhaven, Mass. Today, her future looks bright. McMillen Yachts, Inc. plans to begin a major restoration which is due to be mrnpleted in March of 1996.

Along with her new face lift, SISPUD II's name will be changed to ZA ALA, which is the Indian name of Georgia's Sapelo Island. ZAPALA wac; also the name of Mr. Howard E. Coffin's 1927, 124 foot Luders motor yacht. Mr. Coffin was a former owner of Sapelo Island, as well as the original developer of Sea Island, Georgia. It was Mr. Coffin's foresight and energy, along with the help of his cousin Bill Jones Sr., that reshaped the future of Ceorgia's Golden Isles. Now that the new ZAPALA will be relocating to Georgia and serving the Sea Island Company, what better name could grace lEI- transom as she begins her new future and approaches her eighty-third J6lI"!